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"I'd like to see more women running tech companies." Jae Evans

Spark Women is a celebration of women working in technology - women of different ethnicities and experiences, all at varying arcs in their careers. Read stories that inspire, encourage, and challenge as these women recount their own personal obstacles, fears, successes, and share their advice for future generations in STEM.

Jae Evans

Joan Didion famously wrote that ‘we tell ourselves stories in order to live.’ The leading women below tell us about their lives and careers; their beginnings and achievements; the unique values and gifts of mentorship; and the challenges, opportunities and distinct perspectives that they bring to their projects and initiatives. While they were telling their stories, we learned important things about working, living, and leading. We hope you have a similar experience.

Each of these women is unique and inspiring in her own right. All of them come from different backgrounds and have walked different paths. Even so, their stories reveal shared and universal understandings. Together, the power and resonance of their lessons is multiplied exponentially. And these learnings are equally important for men and women, students and executives, stakeholders and contributors. They are valuable for all of us.

The Time Has Come

Here are the stories that inspire, that offer advice for those of us trying to do it all, that help us to know we’re not alone, and that show us that we can’t do it alone. Enjoy video clips, one-on-one interviews, memorable quotes, and topical articles.