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The key to happiness with Jacqui

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The key to happiness with Jacqui

I’ve discovered that some of the happiest, most fulfilled people didn’t necessarily take a linear path to their current job. What they all have in common is that they listened to their gut, had the courage to make a tough choice and they had people helping them.

It could mean someone might choose to take an opportunity because it feels right even though it’s not a promotion. Or maybe they’re discovering their passion—and it’s not fulfilled in their current role—but they can see how to get there, though it’s off the beaten path. I’ve seen how all of this is okay and actually has great long-term benefit.

They have the courage to take a step into something new, without putting so much pressure on themselves to know exactly what the next move is after that. They trust they are solving for the future because they’re making choices that develop them, personally and professionally. They’re also self-aware and honest enough to think, ‘These are the skills I need to build. This is what I’m really great at,’ and then they go for it, which I think is awesome.

Happy, fulfilled people almost always have great people around them, too. They know that finding, or being a mentor is not about searching for someone to fill a role, but it’s a relationship that is built over time with people they trust. It took me awhile to figure out that there’s a great responsibility with that, but it’s also tremendously rewarding.

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