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Madhu on family support

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Madhu on family support

Accept your failures. Only from there can you truly learn. And you have to take risks sometimes. You have to try new opportunities. Every day has something new to learn.

Every woman feels some guilt, that they’re compromising their family time. I’ve done the same thing. But you’re not only growing as a person as you face these kinds of challenges, your family also grows. I have a six-year-old son and he actually supports me. He’s become independent and he knows how much I value my work. I have the most wonderful husband and son who really support me.

It’s totally on you how you balance your work and your family. Prioritize and communicate. Which one is more important to you right now? Is this production issue the top priority or is your son sick and you need to take care of him? You need to communicate at work that you need some backup. Life is busy! If you don’t communicate, nobody is going to help you.

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