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Yuliya talks the two-way street of mentorship

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Yuliya talks the two-way street of mentorship

Many people think of mentorship relationships as a one-way street where only the mentee receives skills and knowledge.

As an Android lead, I mentor new team members on a regular basis. I regularly discuss the architecture of our Android app during my mentoring sessions. Architecture is of high importance when building scalable and maintainable technology.

During one such session, my mentee was not fully grasping the architecture pattern we followed. So, we both decided to make a chart with all the different existing architecture patterns on the Android platform and draw clear separation lines between them.

By doing that together, we eventually came to the conclusion that our existing architecture pattern could be slightly improved by incorporating certain elements from other patterns.

By asking questions and sharing our knowledge with others, we are able to bring in new perspectives, great ideas, and come to a better understanding overall.

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