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Value what you know and what you do

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Value what you know and what you do

Over the centuries, femininity has been stereotyped as dependent, submissive, and conforming. Women have been seen as lacking in leadership qualities. In reality, women have the same knowledge, skills and abilities as their male counterparts. Having the right skills is a non-negotiable.

More than anything else, I tell women to value what they know and value what they can do. What women need is confidence. Once you are confident, you become the owner of your own destiny.

I believe that everybody’s life has one good story. If I tried to tell my own story, it would be a series of incidents where I fell on my face and a mentor or a coach picked me back up so I could go again.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of mentoring and paying it forward. We will all find ourselves in places where we need help. We will also find ourselves in places where we can provide that help. Keep the cycle going!

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