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Lesa on finding someone to lean on

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Lesa on finding someone to lean on

I was a non-traditional student. My college experience did not begin until the age of 30. My professional career started in financial services. As my career began, I quickly discovered that without a degree, the opportunities for equal pay and advancements would be limited.

My approach has always been to demonstrate the capabilities, qualities and expertise I bring to the table and let that be my voice.

At the time, I met a colleague who eventually became a mother figure and a life champion. Throughout my four years of college, a number of events transpired in my personal life, which caused me to doubt my decisions. There was one time when I almost gave up. I was seriously considering abandoning my education.

She was there to say, ‘No, you’re doing the right thing. You need to do this for yourself.”
Having someone there to convince me that I was going down the right path really inspired me. My life would not be where it is today without her influence.

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