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Madhu and the women who inspire her

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Madhu and the women who inspire her

Two women have majorly influenced my life.

First, my mom. She’s been an incredible teacher. She stepped out and became a working woman to support the family. Her confidence pushed her to be able to succeed. Second is my sister-in-law. She’s a director in Walmart. She has pushed herself so much. She gives input in everything in our family. I’ve learned from both of them to have unbelievable faith in yourself, in your potential. It’s not just about having confidence. It’s not about bragging or being a showoff. It’s about building a culture where you can give your input and that input is valued.

I’ve been raised the same as a man. I don’t see a difference between men and women. When you’re at the table, you have a chance! Speak up. I never feel, “I’m a woman; I should not speak.” I always just say what comes to my mind. If I’m at the table, I am there to give my input, so I do! That’s me.

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