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The importance of mentoring with Faye

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The importance of mentoring with Faye

In the early part of my career, I had a great mentor who took me under her wing. She gave me valuable feedback and encouraged me to have confidence in my work. When I left that job, she told me to remember to give back and mentor others.  

No matter what level you are, there is always someone who can learn from you.

That really stuck with me. 

Mentoring others is so incredibly rewarding. You learn so much through the process. When you mentor and teach others, you see things from another perspective.  

I’ve mentored many women throughout my career, and it always surprises me how many of them doubt themselves. I try to help them have confidence in their skills and judgment, but to also know it’s okay to ask for help or seek out feedback.  

And always assume positive intent. Life isn’t perfect and we’re all human. There will be times that you might interpret things differently than what was intended. Seek to understand the other side and be open to talking about it.  

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