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Meet the Women

Spark Women is a celebration of women in technology at various stages of their careers. These women are highly skilled and motivated individuals, and as such, their positions are ever-evolving. Biographic information was recorded at time of publication.

ARUNA AMIN, Technical Manager | Walmart Technology


Technical Manager | Walmart Technology



Technical Manager | Walmart Technology

Aruna graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics. She has worked in the technology industry for over 20 years. Aruna works as a Technical Manager for Walmart, leading a team that manages ERR (Enhanced Revenue Recognition), which reconciles accounts receivables of wireless sales as well as maintains the product catalog of wireless devices and service plans for WARP (Wireless Activation Retail Platform).

Aruna is passionate about building technology solutions that solve complex business problems and
bring value to Walmart and its customers. Her purpose is to make a positive impact on people that she works with and continue to develop people to succeed.

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SHARMEELEE BALA, Former Sr. Director | Walmart Technology


Former Sr. Director | Walmart Technology



Former Sr. Director | Walmart Technology

Sharmeelee Bala is the technology leader responsible for the engineering and implementation of products and applications that are critical for Walmart’s global supply chain transportation systems. Prior to this role, she was responsible for building a leading technology development center in Bengaluru, India for Walmart Technology.

Before joining Walmart, Sharmeelee worked for different software companies, developing and
implementing various products and projects in finance.

Sharmeelee lives with her husband, Bala, and enjoys family time with her boys, Sarvesh and Akilesh. Sharmeelee holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering Technology from BITS Pilani.

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JACQUI CANNEY, Executive Vice President | Walmart Global People


Executive Vice President | Walmart Global People



Executive Vice President | Walmart Global People

Jacqui joined Walmart in 2015 after more than 25 years of experience in global human resources. At Accenture, Jacqui led the strategy and implementation of programs to attract talent. As Managing Director, she transformed their workforce to strengthen the business’ capabilities and industry focus.

At Walmart, Jacqui has the unique role of engaging more than two million associates around the world. To make Walmart the best place to work and shop, she is focused on delivering an associate experience that provides access to the best technology, training and education opportunities so they can exceed customer expectations. Jacqui also has the responsibility of maintaining Walmart’s inclusive culture through the work done by Walmart’s Global Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Office. She reports directly to President and CEO Doug McMillon.

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RITA CARNEY, Retired Vice President | Walmart Technology


Retired Vice President | Walmart Technology



Retired Vice President | Walmart Technology

Leveraging her extensive experience in IT Infrastructure and Operations, Rita partners with business and technology leaders to deliver resilient services resulting in customer trust that Walmart will always be available to meet their shopping needs.

Rita started her IT career programming in Rochester, NY. As a member of a small team with a broad range of skills, she provided tax, payroll and benefit services for the county. She relocated to the midwest to pursue a career in Systems and Database Technology at Amoco. Rita implemented emerging data technology services augmented with innovative automation to simplify operations and management.

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LESA CHILTON, Former Sr. Director | Walmart Technology


Former Sr. Director | Walmart Technology



Former Sr. Director | Walmart Technology

Lesa began her career with Walmart in May of 2002 as a Programmer for the Mainframe Storage Team. In 2008, Lesa became a manager of the Mainframe Host & Distribution Center Network Teams. Lesa was promoted to Sr. Manager in Engineering in 2010 with the responsibility for Build Middleware and Network Services on a global scale.

Lesa has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Louisiana Tech University. She has over 26 years of professional technology and financial experience.

Lesa has received continuous recognition for creating high performing teams, while driving tactical and strategic initiatives. She works across multiple business units to increase speed of delivery, while providing innovative cost saving IT solutions and measurable results to C Level Executives.

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RAJI CHOCKAIYAN, Former Sr. Manager | Walmart Technology


Former Sr. Manager | Walmart Technology



Former Sr. Manager | Walmart Technology

Raji is responsible for delivering global fulfillment platforms to serve strategic programs within Walmart such as Walmart Online Grocery and Pickup Today. Raji leads the development, implementation and ongoing operation of fulfillment products and services and is a technical subject matter expert for its future direction.

She began her career with Walmart Stores, Inc. in February 2006 as a programmer. Raji earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of Arkansas and holds a Master of Computer Applications degree from Gandhigram University, India. Raji also holds certifications from Oracle Java (Sun Microsystems) and IBM DB2. She is an active member of Walmart’s Asian Pacific Islander Forum and Women’s Resource Council.

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NAMRATA COLLINS, Director | Walmart Technology


Director | Walmart Technology



Director | Walmart Technology

Namrata has been with Walmart for 14 years. In her current role, she is the leader of a team of Project
Managers responsible for the delivery of transformational Data and Analytics initiatives. Before Joining Walmart, Namrata worked at Bharti Enterprises in India where she was a part of their Telecom and Internet Service Provider unit.

She has a Bachelor of Science, a Postgraduate diploma in Mass Communication and is a Six Sigma Black Belt. As an advocate of diversity in the workforce, Namrata is the Assistant Talent Strategy lead for Walmart’s Asian Pacific Resource Group. Outside of work, Namrata is involved in community work, especially with causes related to women and children.

Namrata lives in Bentonville with her husband and two kids.

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JAE EVANS, Vice President | Walmart Labs


Vice President | Walmart Labs



Vice President | Walmart Labs

Jae is responsible for the core infrastructure services and customer reliability operations of Walmart’s online e-commerce sites supporting the end-to-end customer shopping experience to assure the highest levels of service.

Prior to joining Walmart, Jae was VP of Global Cloud Operations at Saba where she built and managed a global team responsible for Saba’s customer facing, revenue generating cloud services portfolio ranging from SMB to large enterprise scale. She also held senior positions leading various Infrastructure Engineering and Operations roles at Electronic Arts, Macrovision and WebEx. Jae has a BA in Political Science International Relations with a double major in Japanese from UC Santa Barbara and an MBA from Golden Gate University.

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CATHERINE GARNER, Sr. Director | Walmart Technology


Sr. Director | Walmart Technology



Sr. Director | Walmart Technology

Catherine Garner joined Walmart in 2009. Catherine’s career spans 25+ years in technology. As an avid problem solver, she gravitated to the study of computer science at the University of Louisiana. Catherine’s fascination with computers, applied learning, and technology transformation has been a common theme in her prior roles at a diverse group of industries.

Catherine has served in various leadership roles for STEM, Walmart Women in IT, Lil Miss Coder, Dress for Success, Women’s Resource Council, CARE Community, Youth Strategies, and the American Heart Association.

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LATOYA GREEN, Former Director | Walmart Technology


Former Director | Walmart Technology



Former Director | Walmart Technology

LaToya Green has almost 15 years of experience leading Information Technology initiatives in the retail environment. With strong expertise in implementing IT projects and transformational processes, she has led successful teams in major enterprise endeavors.

In 2004, LaToya was named All-Star Achiever at the Women of Color in Technology conference for a complex IT Security project delivered within Walmart. In 2011, she was featured in the cover article of the winter edition of Equal Opportunity magazine. In her spare time, LaToya has taught Internet Safety classes for organizations such as Girls of Promise and Delta Sigma Theta. She is involved in organizations for women in leadership and women in business and actively recruits for Walmart at colleges across the United States.

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SATIN HENDERSON, Sr. Systems Engineer | Walmart Technology


Sr. Systems Engineer | Walmart Technology



Sr. Systems Engineer | Walmart Technology

Satin Henderson has worked on mobility at Walmart Technology since 2009. She has seen a number of changes in the field as the consumer has become increasingly more mobile. Her team works with mobile handhelds, PDA, printers, tablets as well as Gemini. Since 2012, Satin has been heavily focused on delivering mobile hardware platforms that will enhance associates’ effectiveness in the workplace.

Satin graduated from the University of Alabama with a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Science (MIS). She is married with two children.

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SAMANTHA HOLLINGSWORTH, Former Sr. Director | Walmart Technology


Former Sr. Director | Walmart Technology



Former Sr. Director | Walmart Technology

Samantha is a technical leader who thrives in leading new efforts. She has led teams in Infrastructure, Applications Development and Production Support. Samantha has helped pave new technical paths, driving game-changing solutions. She has a proven history of building strong teams and raising their engagement and morale.

Samantha is a founding member of Walmart’s Women in IT (WWIT) organization. Her willingness to share real struggles and accomplishments and be her true self has brought excellent engagement with WWIT. She puts a strong focus on self-confidence and building relationships outside of your direct work area.

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ROBBIN IMEL, Sr. Manager | Walmart Technology


Sr. Manager | Walmart Technology



Sr. Manager | Walmart Technology

Robbin Imel leads teams of data and BI architects, ETL specialists and data analysts driving Walmart’s Wireless Activation Retail and Revenue Reconciliation Platforms.

Prior to Walmart, from 2006 to 2014, Robbin was the Director of Database Architecture & Development at Simplexity where she spearheaded the development of a revenue recognition and reconciliation platform for wireless resellers. From 2003 to 2006, Robbin was a Senior Manager for American Systems Corporation. Prior to 2003, Robbin worked as a database development consultant, labor researcher and financial analyst in the non-profit sector.

Robbin studied Politics at Oberlin College and has a Master’s Degree in Political Science from The Johns Hopkins University.

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JAYA KOLHATKAR, Former Vice President of Global Data | Walmart Labs


Former Vice President of Global Data | Walmart Labs



Former Vice President of Global Data | Walmart Labs

Jaya Kolhatkar is a Predictive Analytics leader who has worked in industries like Insurance, Banking, Online retail and Payments for the past two decades, solving business problems ranging from Marketing Segmentation and Targeting to Credit Risk and Fraud, using data, technology and analysis.

Jaya is currently responsible for all Data and Analytical infrastructure including the EDW, Big Data environment, real-time Predictive Analytics Platform and BI tools.

Jaya joined Walmart Labs in June 2013 as part of the acquisition of Inkiru, Inc. where she was the Chief Analytics Officer and co-founder. Prior to co-founding Inkiru, Jaya worked multiple years at PayPal, eBay, Amazon, Bank One and Providian Insurance. Jaya received a Master of Business Administration from Villanova University.

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TONI LETEMPT, Sr. Technical Expert | Walmart Technology


Sr. Technical Expert | Walmart Technology



Sr. Technical Expert | Walmart Technology

Toni was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and has lived all over the country. Homeschooled since the seventh grade, she is a self-motivated autodidact in many areas. She’s worked for the state of South Carolina as well as a number of major enterprises like Coca Cola and now Walmart.

She’s proof that, armed with grit, the right skills, and a sense of humor, you can accomplish anything.

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RAVINDER LOTA, Principal Architech | Walmart Labs


Principal Architech | Walmart Labs



Principal Architech | Walmart Labs

Ravinder has 20 years of experience building Data-Warehouse and business reporting solutions. Prior to Walmart, Ravinder worked at eBay for 8 years where she designed and implemented large scale data solutions using Teradata and Hadoop technologies.

She is passionate about designing robust and scalable data solutions using right combination of technology.

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LETY NETTLES, Former Sr. Director | Walmart Technology


Former Sr. Director | Walmart Technology



Former Sr. Director | Walmart Technology

Lety Duran Nettles joined Walmart in June 2015 as the Senior Director of Technology Modernization. She focuses on designing and driving strategic transformation through an architected approach. Lety believes that reality is complex and therefore uses a model-driven approach to solve complex business problems. She has crafted a technique that studies the movement of data through an organization and can be used as a basis for driving strategic level change.

Before joining Walmart, Lety was in Austin, Texas at Dell Inc for nine years and was responsible for the globalization of Oracle Applications and then IT Strategy & Architecture. She is the author of Business Architecture in Practice: Building the Platform for Business Integration.


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SONNET SLAVESKI, Sr. Manager | Walmart Technology


Sr. Manager | Walmart Technology



Sr. Manager | Walmart Technology

Sonnet began her career in Walmart Technology 15 years ago as an applications programmer before transitioning into managing projects and leading technical teams. Sonnet currently leads a team of developers in the Supply Chain department, focusing on the completion and rollout of a Global Replenishment Solution. Sonnet prides herself on her ability to create high-performing teams, motivate others and help generate new ideas in her associates.

Sonnet studied at the University of Oklahoma and is currently pursuing a Master of Leadership and Ethics from John Brown University. Sonnet is an active member of the STEM initiative and volunteers her time to help create and organize events and to mentor new associates. In 2015, Sonnet won the Applications Development Supervisory Leader of the Year Award.

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KARENANN TERRELL, Former CIO | Walmart Techology


Former CIO | Walmart Techology



Former CIO | Walmart Techology

Karenann was previously responsible for the largest segments of the global Walmart Technology por folio. More than 5,000 world-class Walmart technologists support over 11,500 retail stores and membership clubs worldwide, under 72 banners in 28 countries. Information systems supporting 2.2 million global associates are also maintained.

Karenann joined Walmart in 2010 as executive vice president of information systems. She was
promoted to chief information officer in February 2012.

Prior to joining Walmart, Karenann served as CIO of Baxter International, Inc., where she was
responsible for global IT function, supporting businesses worldwide. Previously, Terrell was CIO of the Chrysler Group and Mercedes-Benz North America.

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TOYIN UMESIRI, Former Sr. Manager | Walmart Technology


Former Sr. Manager | Walmart Technology



Former Sr. Manager | Walmart Technology

Toyin Umesiri was born in the northern state of Kaduna, Nigeria. In the fall of 2004, Toyin arrived in the U.S. to enroll in a Master’s program at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. She graduated in 2006 with a Master’s of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) degree. In 2013 she was hired into Walmart to help launch the Goods Not For Resale (GNFR) global back office implementation.

In addition to being a technologist, Toyin is an entrepreneur, having had the opportunity to start up two companies. She leads Walmart’s Working Mother Community called CareerMom. Toyin also supports Africans in the Diaspora events focused on closing trade gaps between the U.S. and Africa and creating market access that leads to job creation and poverty alleviation.

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KRISTEN WILLIAMS, Sr. Director | Walmart Technology


Sr. Director | Walmart Technology



Sr. Director | Walmart Technology

Kristen is responsible for translating Walmart.com to the stores, connecting the digital to the physical. She delivers technology solutions for services such as Walmart Online Grocery and Pickup Today.

Previously, Kristen was in Corporate Strategy, responsible for the Enterprise Strategy Ways of Working. She has held many roles in Walmart Technology such as Senior Director of Corporate Systems and Senior Director of Global Point of Sale.

She is actively engaged in STEM advancement. Kristen sits on the Board of Directors for Springdale High School Academies. Her passion is encouraging young women and girls to seek careers in STEM fields. Kristen holds a Master of Leadership and Ethics from John Brown University

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ANH AU, UX Designer | Walmart Technology


UX Designer | Walmart Technology


ANH AU 2017

UX Designer | Walmart Technology

Anh Au originally joined Walmart in 2014 as a Programmer. Currently, she is a User Experience Designer for Walmart Labs. She leads the designs for Walmart’s Inventory Management System, which supports 4000+ Walmart stores and 500+ Sam’s Clubs nationwide. Anh currently has one patent filed with Walmart.

Anh received her Bachelors of Science in Computer Science at the University of Arkansas. She is actively involved in 100 Girls of Code and is the lead instructor for a community workshop that encourages young girls to code. She hopes to help the next generation achieve gender parity in fields such as technology.

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KAVITA BABALL, Former Senior Vice President - Customer Experience | Shoes.com


Former Senior Vice President - Customer Experience | Shoes.com



Former Senior Vice President - Customer Experience | Shoes.com

Kavita is a results-driven eCommerce and marketing executive with a background in technology and strategy. At Shoes.com, she oversees Product, UX, SEO, eCommerce Operations, and Customer Service, working with her team to deliver an outstanding experience for shoppers across the company’s range of sites and digital platforms.

Since the Walmart eCommerce acquisition of Shoes.com, Kavita also leads the site merchandising efforts for footwear on Walmart.com and Jet.com, and works closely with the product teams at both businesses to elevate the customer experience.

Kavita holds a Master of Computer Science & Engineering Degree from MIT, and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. In 2015, Kavita was named as one of Retail Online Integration’s Top Women in Retail.

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WENDI ERIKSEN, Sr. Director | Walmart Techology


Sr. Director | Walmart Techology



Sr. Director | Walmart Techology

Wendi Eriksen has worked with Walmart for over a decade. Prior to Walmart, Wendi worked for muliple Fortune 500 companies including John Deere, Levi Strauss, and IBM and had even started a tech company shortly after graduating college. She joined Walmart as a Sr. Technical Expert in Infrastructure, establishing and supporting an SAP environment completely new to Walmart. From there, she transitioned to a technical team leadership role before leading an extremely complex cross-functional program, which won the Team Innovation of the Year Award in 2016.

Her current role is within the Walmart International Technology area, leading a team responsible for all International Data, while also helping to establish Innovations within the international markets and proposing the Walmart International Strategic Architecture.

Wendi is passionate about the professional development of others, process improvement, taking calculated risks, pushing technology and being a change agent within her organization. She is recognized for her ability to develop meaningful relationships while respectfully challenging the status quo.

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MARIANA HERNANDEZ, Former Sr. Software Engineer | Modcloth


Former Sr. Software Engineer | Modcloth



Former Sr. Software Engineer | Modcloth

Mariana was born in Mexico City. She earned a Bachelor of Computer Systems Engineering degree at the Instituto Tecnológico de Colima in Colima, Mexico.

She started her career in 2011 as a Software Engineer Trainee at Crowd Interactive, a software consulting company. In 2012, Mariana started to work at ModCloth as a Software Engineer. She worked on eCommerce, social commerce, and was part of the team charged with migrating the in-house platform to an enterprise solution.

Mariana currently resides in San Francisco, CA and is a Senior Software Engineer with ModCloth. She tries to keep a balance between business and technology, focusing on delivering cutting-edge features, maintaining high technical standards, and developing solutions with the end-user in mind.

Mariana is an active member of communities like Women Who Code and Girls Develop IT San Francisco. She also spends part of her time teaching technologies to women who are indifferent stages of their careers.

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YULIYA KALEDA, Former Sr. Android Developer | Jet.com


Former Sr. Android Developer | Jet.com



Former Sr. Android Developer | Jet.com

Yuliya was born in Belarus and moved to the U.S. in 2012 where she started her tech career. She joined Jet.com in 2016 and, after a short while, the company became part of the Walmart family. Currently, Yuliya leads an Android team. She builds scalable, performant and
maintainable applications. Yuliya has led the development of bleeding edge technology advancements such as the first integration of AR Google Core with Android Instant Apps, which brought the eCommerce experience to a new level.

Yuliya is actively involved in Coalition for Queens, a non-profit organization that fosters the tech community in New York and provides education opportunities to underrepresented groups and minorities. She speaks at international conferences where she shares her experience and speaks to new technology that is not largely adopted. Yuliya has participated in DroidconNYC, GDG DevFest Ukraine, Mobile Era in Norway, AndroidTO in Canada, Mobilization in Poland, and many other conferences

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GEMMA KUBAT, Former Vice President - Global Business Services | Walmart Technology


Former Vice President - Global Business Services | Walmart Technology



Former Vice President - Global Business Services | Walmart Technology

Gemma began her career at Walmart in 1995 while studying in 6th Form College and University. He Walmart career has enabled her to experience most areas of the retail environment in store operations, logistics, support, back office and transformation roles. Above all, technology has played a significant role in each of these areas.

Gemma currently leads a team that focuses on process design and automation of work in our Finance, People, Procurement, and Contact Center spaces. She has very high expectations of herself and others and is driven to enable her teams to succeed, creating an environment where new ideas and different thought processes are expected, not just welcomed.

Gemma earner studied at the University of Wales – Swansea. She has been actively involved with women’s initiatives at Walmart throughout her career and focuses heavily on developing future talent that has confidence to speak their minds and drive change.

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QUITA MORELAND, Sr. eDiscovery Analyst | Walmart Techology


Sr. eDiscovery Analyst | Walmart Techology



Sr. eDiscovery Analyst | Walmart Techology

Marquita “Quita” Moreland joined Walmart four years ago, after completing a summer corporateinternship assignment with the Applications Development team in 2013. Quita has progressed to a Senior eDiscovery Analyst in Walmart’s eDiscovery & Forensics Lab, where she has become a subject matter expert for her team in the area of merchandise data. Quita is responsible for providing Walmart’s Legal Team with data to support various types of litigated matters.

Quita was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer & Information Technology with a minor in Forensic Sciences from Purdue University. Quita is very active in various community endeavors, the Walmart internship program, and several mentoring events. She participates in several technology panels and speaks to high school students, inspiring them to pursue STEM careers. She participates as an instructor for the 100 Girls of Code workshops and makes appearances at Lil Miss Coder events. Developing young women is a passion of Quita’s and she hopes to continue to inspire young ladies, including her seven-year-old daughter, Mya.

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TARA NORDQUIST, Former Director | Hayneedle.com


Former Director | Hayneedle.com



Former Director | Hayneedle.com

Tara began her career as a web developer building unique digital experiences for national brands that included Ikea, Porsche, American Standard, and the Olympics on NBC before transitioning into managing project portfolios and building high functioning delivery teams. She joined Hayneedle in 2011 and is currently responsible for building a first-class experience for Hayneedle customers, as well as differentiating the company from its competition across all aspects of e-commerce. She works closely with retail, marketing, technology and operations teams to design, build, and optimize solutions that are equally valuable to customers, the Hayneedle brand and the company’s growth.

Tara is a creative technologist who is passionate about design thinking and leveraging Lean-Agile practices to create effective strategies, build innovative experiences, and drive organizational change needed to deliver those experiences for the customer.

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FAYE OLSON, Former Vice President | Walmart Global Technology


Former Vice President | Walmart Global Technology



Former Vice President | Walmart Global Technology

As Vice President of Walmart Global Technology, Faye Olson leads the technology teams responsible for Walmart’s global real estate technology modernization program. Faye has over 22 years of experience leading diverse, high-performing technology teams. She is a seasoned expert in corporate systems, technology alignment, enterprise SAP implementations, vendor management, IT architecture, agile methodologies and integration/application development. Faye is passionate about encouraging women and girls to pursue education and careers in STEM and serves as the executive sponsor of the Walmart Women in Technology resource group.

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PADMA PATIL, Former Director | Walmart Labs


Former Director | Walmart Labs



Former Director | Walmart Labs

Padma Patil is currently the Director of Advanced Visualization & Analytics Solutions at Walmart Labs. She leads a team of highly capable engineers to deliver advanced data and analytics solutions. Prior to Walmart, Padma has held senior IT positions at various consulting engagements with different business verticals such as Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Logistics and Dairy/Confectionaries Padma is a certified Yoga instructor and runs her own yoga studio. She is active member of the Hindu Association of Northwest Arkansas and the Asian Officer Caucus Group at Walmart.

Padma has served Walmart’s Asia Pacific Associate Network as Vice President of Workforce and was awarded the OCA corporate achievement award by Asian American in 2016. While she was part of the Quality Assurance Office at Walmart, she founded the QAI chapter for NorthWest Arkansas, NWAQAA, and led it for first two years as President.

Padma holds a Master of Computer Applications degree from Shivaji University in Maharashtra state of India.

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MADHUSMITA RATH, Sr. Cybersecurity Risk Specialist | Walmart Technology


Sr. Cybersecurity Risk Specialist | Walmart Technology



Sr. Cybersecurity Risk Specialist | Walmart Technology

Madhu began her career in Walmart Technology in 2012 as a Programmer Analyst in the Supply Chain department, leading several international integration projects. Madhu currently is a Senior Cybersecurity Risk Specialist for compliance and audit in Walmart’sInfoSec department.

Madhu holds a Master in Computer Science degree. Madhu is an active member of STEM programs such as Girls Who Code and volunteers her time in mentoring new associates. In 2015, Madhu won the Hackathon Light Speed Award. In 2016, she won the Swim Upstream Award for her outstanding performance in the Supply Chain department. In 2017, she received the Innovator of the Year Award for her Patent in Cross Platform Workflow Management.

Madhu prides herself in being the first woman in Walmart to have a patent on her name.

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MEGAN ROSSETTI, Former Technical Project Manager | Walmart Labs


Former Technical Project Manager | Walmart Labs



Former Technical Project Manager | Walmart Labs

Megan began her career in Walmart Technology as a Senior Systems Engineer in OpenStack before moving into a Project Manager role. Megan is currently the Product Owner for the Public Cloud team. Her varied career includes recruiting, human resources, emergency medical and fire response, and program management.

In 2016, with fantastic support, Megan started the Reston Chapter of Walmart Women in Technology to organize events and mentoring circles. In December, Megan was a recipient of the “Top 10 Women in Cloud Awards” by CloudNow.

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FIONA TAN, SVP of Customer Technology | Walmart Labs


SVP of Customer Technology | Walmart Labs



SVP of Customer Technology | Walmart Labs

Fiona Tan joined Walmart in 2014 and is currently the Senior Vice President leading the Customer Technology organization with responsibility for innovation and engineering execution on all customer-facing technology across Walmart’s physical and digital footprint.

Prior to Walmart, Fiona served in a number of leadership roles at Ariba and TIBCO Software.

Fiona has a Master of Computer Science degree from Stanford and a Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Fiona is passionate about promoting Women in STEM, has spoken at several conferences and represents Walmart Labs on the President’s Diversity and Inclusion Council. She was also recently selected to the 2017 Top 100 under 50 Emerging and Executive Leaders List by Diversity MBA.

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IDELIA VAN DER BYL, Sr. Architect | Walmart Technology


Sr. Architect | Walmart Technology



Sr. Architect | Walmart Technology

Idelia has over 17 years of experience in technology. Prior to her current role, Idelia worked for Massmart in South Africa as an Enterprise Architect in the Massbuild division. Idelia and her team were responsible for SAP Retail and various other SAP product implementations, which were essential in transforming the business from 7 stores in the Johannesburg-Pretoria area to 106 stores in Sub Saharan Africa over a period of 7 years.

Idelia was a mentor in the Massbuild CEO’s Women’s Council Mentoring Program where mentors and mentees attended various working and learning sessions to help women gain valuable skills to succeed in the Retail Industry. Her passion lies in making a difference in people’s lives by teaching them to look at their challenges in different ways.

Idelia is happily married to David Van Der Byl and has three amazing children—Shaun, Jason, and Kayleigh.

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