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Finding multiple mentors with Idelia

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Finding multiple mentors with Idelia

Mentorship is a very new concept to me. We’ve really only started mentorship programs in the last seven years or so. Obviously, mentoring has always happened, but it hasn’t always been so formal; it happened naturally.

I had a mentor at my first “real” job. She was an amazing lady who came up in business in a very hard time for women. She started working before diversity was even talked about. Before any inclusion efforts.

She taught me calmness, how to speak to people, how to interact with people. I find that women are really good at teaching. It’s a natural instinct for us: to teach, to want to share what you know.

I’ve had female mentors all along, my entire life. I never realized how amazing that was until now. I don’t know how it happened. I’ve just been really, really lucky.

But I don’t think there should be a distinction between male and female mentors. To be able to grow, we need both points of view.

You go to your mentor with a challenge or a question. Having the opportunity to go to both a man and a woman and get both their perspectives absolutely changes the way you look at things. You need both.

If I could have 20 mentors, all with different backgrounds, I would be happy. Now, I would never get anything done because I’d have to go to all of them first. But, having that ability to tap into the natural resources of that many different types of people would be amazing.

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