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Asking for help with Quita Moreland

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Asking for help with Quita Moreland

I’ve had several women mentors in my life. My high school German teacher Frau Beirold, was one of my biggest supporters at an early age. She is the main reason I was able to attend college. She believed in me so much that she paid the admissions fee to hold my spot to attend Purdue University because I could not afford it.

I will never forget her.

In college, I found several other mentors that were invaluable. I had my daughter during college, so it was not easy. I was close to quitting several times, but these women were there for me.

Without women like Mrs. Munguia, Dr. Evans, Mrs. Farnsley, and Mrs. Harriger, I would have never graduated. These women taught me how to be confident in myself. They also taught me that it is okay to ask for help when it is needed.

As I’ve mentored other women, I’ve noticed that many experience some of the same things I did, which means I can usually relate.

Most of all, I feel it is important to remain genuine.

You were sought out to have a leadership role or to be a mentor because of your skills and your unique qualities. Don’t lose sight of that just to try and ‘fit in.’

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