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Exceeding expectations with Padma

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Exceeding expectations with Padma

In my career, I saw many strong women in technology. As I was growing up, I was lucky. Even in my physics classes, there were ten plus girls.  

I was one of the top performing students at my university and my best friend, she was the top performer in mathematics. Both of us went for computer science. It was amazing to break through everybody else’s expectations.  

One of our teachers, he would always expect the boys to be at the top of the class, but it was always the girls. Again and again.  

I was fortunate enough to have that background and upbringing.  

The outlook towards women needs to transform. We should be impartial and meritocratic. Sheer exposure and a little more experience would position women well to not only compete but to win in this traditionally male-dominated field. 

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