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Samantha and surrounding yourself with strength

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Samantha and surrounding yourself with strength

I have some fantastic friends within the company and we joke around and call ourselves the ‘Leading Ladies.’ We’re all different levels of management. We get together outside of the office and it’s a mix of work and personal. We have a built-in connection, though none of us work directly together.

It’s been phenomenal being able to lean on them and vice versa. We celebrate and challenge ourselves to be better. It’s a journey.

I think about all the different leaders I’ve had. I’ve tried to get nuggets from them: how to do things differently, how to think of myself differently, how to be a better leader.

Sometimes, when someone does reach out to you, it’s interesting what they reach out to you for. You may not view yourself as having a strength in that area and wonder what they are seeing in you. It is in these times that I realize the day-to-day impact I have on others far exceeds what I comprehend. When people see all your accomplishments and look to you, that’s a true compliment to your character.

It is very cool to see changes and successes with those you mentor. A constant truth: we are much more alike than we are different. We should acknowledge and recognize the differences and the value that diversity brings.

I surround myself with people who are different than I am and it makes me cognizant that I still have so much to learn.

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