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Building support networks with Sonnet

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Building support networks with Sonnet

I’ve learned that building relationships is critical. Early in my career, I didn’t worry about doing that. I sat at my desk and wrote code and stuck to myself. I knew a few people on my immediate team really well and that was it.

There was a time when I was working over the weekend for a Monday delivery and couldn’t get past a bug in the code. We were locked down really tight in terms of using the internet, so I was regulated to books, notes and trial and error to figure it out. I literally didn’t go home for 48 hours. I was determined to figure out the issue in the code and make the logic work as expected.

I remember calling a peer on my team and he refused to help. I had no one else to call; it was like being on an island. First thing Monday morning, my director wanted to know why I didn’t simply call some of the other developers in the division. What—other people who aren’t on my team? It never crossed my mind! I hadn’t taken the time to get to know anyone else outside my tiny circle.

Expand your network because when you need help, you might have to ask multiple people outside your immediate network. I don’t have that problem today—I get everyone’s phone numbers!

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