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Wendi on proving yourself

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Wendi on proving yourself

I have to prove myself almost every day.

It’s funny, it was easier when I was in the early stages of my career. Now, the younger group doesn’t know me. They don’t know my background or what I’ve done. They’re the hardest ones; they really assume that you know nothing.

You’ve got to prove yourself, that you can speak their lingo, that you have coded before, that you developed the systems that they’re replacing today. A lot of it happens in their daily interactions.

Saying that you’re smart doesn’t do anything; you really have to prove it.

I’ve worked for a company before where it was the good old boy’s club and you were left out if you were a woman. You weren’t invited to lunches; you weren’t invited to meetings. But as we’ve become more aware about the issues, as more women’s groups and support systems have started developing, as there’s more visibility, I’ve started to see those behaviors fade away.

It’s starting to get better, but we clearly have a long way to go.

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