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Yuliya on making your voice heard

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Yuliya on making your voice heard

For me, the most challenging time was in the beginning of my career. I was born in the Eastern European country of Belarus where tech was considered to be a male-only area. It was hard for me to make people listen to my ideas and take me seriously.

Many men in tech couldn’t believe that a recent female graduate could bring anything to the table that was worth giving attention to. It was very discouraging.

But being a very strong and determined person, I found a way to make people listen to me. Before expressing my ideas in front of others, I would first write articles and submit them to different technology sites and newsletters without revealing my name.

After my articles got some attention and feedback, I felt confident enough to speak up and people were eager to listen.

I am happy to see that the current situation is not as extreme as it was a decade ago.

Today, thanks to all our hard work and the progress that has been made in so many areas, people are starting to listen to women.

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